The Vocation

Each one, at any time and in any situation, if she wants, can ask to herself the question: "How and with what priorities can I respond to the appeal of the Lord?" or: "Lord, what do you want me to do?" This is the question of life. Serious and courageous question because it lays bare the will to adhere to the needs of the Gospel without shortcuts or adjustments. Obviously, the answer will not be the possibility of doing everything or being heroes. Each one, with the Lord, assumes a task and a lifestyle that conforms to his own personal structure, to the abilities with which we are endowed and to the requests for material and spiritual help that come from the world and from the Church. Each has its own vocation and none is more important than the other. What matters is that each one gives all of himself in that way of life. Our Foundress tells us that the infinite mercy and goodness of the Lord has called us to the same vocation, has gathered us in the shadow of the Holy Family and united us with a very particular devotion that has God only for beginning and end.

Therefore all the Sisters are aware that the best invitation for young women to embrace the idea of religious life in our Congregation is their humble and industrious life, lived with interior joy, in the spirit of welcome and charity in a family atmosphere.

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